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Terminal Server Lockdown Group Policy

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8 thoughts on “Terminal Server Lockdown Group Policy

I was looking for something like this for a 2016 TS server.

I added some in the start and taks bar but thats just personal taste

Thank you again

Deborah Lane Olson

Do these policies apply equally well to a 2019 TS server? I’m assuming they do since 2016 and 2019 aren’t that different, but it would be good to have confirmation.



Same policies apply. I haven’t dug deep to see what new policies are available in 2019. Maybe I should and update this post.


Note sure about new policies – it’s very complex! Also, it’s very hard to find some of the policies already mentioned above, because different versions of the ADMX files have different names for some items. In the versions that I’m using (probably all Windows 2016 and above):

“Remove the Action Center” is now named “Remove Notifications and Action Center”
“Remove access to use all Windows Update features” is now named “Remove links and access to Windows Update”

Thanks for this article!


I have tried this and can’t get the loop back to work. I have tried all variations


What version of Windows Server are you using?


I got the loopback working on server 2019
you need to keep authenticated users, filtering does not work here.
then under delegation add your admin user or group and select advanced followed by “deny” apply policy.


Thank you Peter, this had me scratching my head for a few minutes.


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