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What is Co-Managed IT Services?

Co-managed IT Services is for businesses who currently already have an internal IT person / department and don’t want to get rid of them. These employees are often over worked and struggling to just complete basic IT troubleshooting and meeting staff needs. They have no time for strategic planning or to develop the systems needed to make your business run as smoothly as it should.

Even the most well trained and capable IT department cannot do it all. Farmhouse Networking provides the extra expertise, strategic planning, tools, personnel, and other resources to fill in the gaps with your current IT team. We have experts in hybrid cloud, network design, server maintenance, workstation deployment, IT automation, security, compliance, and so much more to add the IT department that is already in place.

Lighten Workload
One of the biggest benefits of Co-Managed IT Services is off-loading project and planning tasks from the backs of your IT team which frees them up to address the needs of staff. By allowing them to be hyper focused on internal daily IT tasks, productivity is increased and overall costs are reduced. Also our team has been automating the mundane IT tasks of other companies like yours for decades, so we keep your teams efforts meeting the greatest needs.
Security & Compliance
Keeping on top of the latest security threats can be a full time job. Keeping your compliance documentation up to date is another full time job. Let our experts take care of your security and compliance needs. We use a multi-layered approach to security that is second to none which will keep your internal systems safe from cyber criminals. Our experts are former auditors who know just what needs to be done to keep your company compliant.
Advanced Monitoring
Deploying a small software program onto all computer systems and configuring the remaining network devices to send network alert messages based on industry standards make proactive response possible. With this always-on monitoring of everything on the network, businesses can experience peace-of-mind and security with our industry experts ready to respond.

Is this your IT Guy?

  • Swamped with daily tickets or emergencies

  • Not enough time to get all IT tasks completed

  • So overwhelmed with daily IT tasks that there is no time for projects

  • Can’t take a vacation or sick time because no one can replace them

  • Thinks new tech is constantly just out of reach

Our Co-Managed IT Services Include:

  •  Expert IT strategy & consulting by a certified team of IT consultants

  •  Fixed-price technical projects like server virtualization, infrastructure wiring, and cloud migration

  •  Short- or long-term staff augmentation for special projects

  •  Private-labeled remote help desk support with fast issue resolution

  •  Remote hands / on-site service for satellite offices

  •  Automated management of your computers, servers, and network

  •  Asset inventory reports and documentation

  •  Comprehensive disaster recovery, business continuity, and backup service

  •  Cybersecurity services like penetration testing, managed network equipment, web content filtering, network traffic monitoring, advanced email threat protection, next-gen antivirus / EDR, SOCaaS / MDR and much more

  •  Mobile device management

  •  Employee security awareness training and reporting

  •  Compliance management and reporting (HIPAA, PCI, NIST, and CMMC)

Is this your IT Team?

  • Lack of expertise or time to work on specific IT projects

  • Backlogged with untouched or unresolved IT issues and tickets

  • Focused on applications, not infrastructure or projects

  • Overwhelmed but you can’t afford another employee

  • Need automation, but the tools are too expensive or complex

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