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According to the Department of Education Office of Educational Technology, the following recommendations for network infrastructure are outlined in the National Education Technology Plan:

  • “Ensure students and educators have broadband access to the internet and adequate wireless connectivity, with a special focus on equity of access outside of school.
  • Ensure that every student and educator has at least one internet access device and appropriate software and resources for research, communication, multimedia content creation, and collaboration for use in and out of school.
  • Support the development and use of openly licensed educational materials to promote innovative and creative opportunities for all learners and accelerate the development and adoption of new open technology–based learning tools and courses.
  • Draft sustainability plans for infrastructure concerns that include upgrades of wired and wireless access as well as device refresh plans and sustainable funding sources while ensuring the safety and protection of student data.
  • Create a comprehensive map and database of connectivity, device access, use of openly licensed educational resources, and their uses across the country.
  • Include cybersafety and cybersecurity training for students, teachers and parents as part of district and school “Responsible Use Policy” training.”
Microsoft Authorized Education Partner - Grants Pass, OR

Wireless Connectivity
Evaluate current wireless with heat map, extend coverage as needed, & segregate students network for safety
Internet Connected Devices
Educational discounts on hardware & management of iPads, Chromebooks or Windows 10 S devices
Appropriate Software
Microsoft Authorized Education Partner - Office 365 Education, Windows 10 Education, & Minecraft Education Edition
Education Technology
Smart interactive whiteboards, network projectors, digital signage, & assistive technologies,
Sustainability Planning
Equipment lifecycle management, network inventory, device mapping, technology plan, & budget projections
Cyber Security
Track web usage, filter web traffic, CIPA compliance, and security training

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