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Case Study – Remote Scribe Program

Executive Summary:
Large orthotics and prosthetic company in Medford, Oregon wanted to utilize remote workers as scribes to take notes during patient appointments. Farmhouse Networking devised a strategy to utilize their current infrastructure to achieve the following:

  • Have a pool of remote scribes available to providers
  • Ability for providers to have private session with the scribes to take notes
  • Ending the session with the provider, the scribe can re-join the pool

Client wanted to have the scribe virtually present in the room via video chat to interact with provider and patient. The providers were currently using tablets to take notes themselves which was increased the amount of times between appointments.

Since the client was already using Microsoft Teams for business meetings, Farmhouse Networking created special team that would serve as the pool of scribes. When a provider needed a scribe they would join the team and make it known they needed a scribe. Those available would indicate their availability and enter a private chat with the provider on their tablet. Once done with the appointment the scribe could end the chat and finish with the note taking process while the provider was able to move on to the next appointment. When done with the note taking the scribe would re-join the team pool and wait for another provider.

Client’s providers were able to see an immediate boost in their number of patient appointment per day. There was also a marked improvement in the quality and completeness of the notes taken for each patient visit. This enriches the patient history and clears up any miscommunication issues.

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