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Case Study – Change of Online Backup Vendor

BarracudaMSP Intronis Backup - Grants Pass, OR

Executive Summary:
Farmhouse Networking has been using two different vendors for online / hybrid backups from the beginning in order to right size the solution and cost for the client based on their needs. With recent changes to the operating structure and features of our previous vendor (Carbonite) that was used for small business clients, we have partnered with Barracuda MSP (formerly Intronis) to continue to provide a complete bacup solution to our clients. Here are the reasons why one client recently switched to using our small business backup solution (branded as FHN Online Backup):

  • Retention based online backup pricing
  • Unlimited local image backups to external drives
  • Consistent alerting and reporting

Small dental practice needed to change online backup vendors due to severing relationship with unscrupulous IT services provider who was selling them pirated Microsoft software and using Mozy Home online backup software to protect their patients Protected Health Information (PHI). Also found in the process of migrating to the new online backup vendor that the local external hard drive that was previously being used was failing and it was unable to be written to.

Secured the small dental practice’s network by changing all local passwords on workstations and network devices. Put in place a plan to replace all pirated Microsoft software and move them to secure email with encryption on Office 365. Acquired new local external hard drive to use for local image backups. Setup FHN Online Backup software to backup both the server and receptionists workstation online using file exclusions to keep the total online backup size down (which keeps the cost of retention based backups small). Also configuring the software to create image based backups to the local external drive for quick restores of either workstation even to dissimilar hardware in case of a crash. This backup also meets HIPAA standards for both backup retention and encryption for data in transit.

The small dental practice now has peace of mind with a secure network, legal software use and HIPAA compliant online backup and local image backup. They get daily email reports that the backups completed successfully and Farmhouse Networking is sent alerts about any issues that may arise down the road.

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